Iodine in the Prevention and Cure of Allergies

22 10 2011
do you know how strong acid can be?

Image by matthewvenn via Flickr

When you eat a protein, stomach acid must break the proteins down into amino acids.  As the digested food reaches the small intestine, the amino acids are absorbed so the body can make and repair proteins.

However if you don’t have enough stomach acid, whole or partially digested proteins reach the small intestine and are absorbed.  The body recognizes these as foreign since it didn’t make them.  Thus you become allergic to the foods you normally eat.

The Reason for this allergy is lack of stomach acid.  Making stomach acid requires Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin B1, Water, Salt, and Carbon Dioxide.  The amount of Iodine in table salt is about 1/1000 of what you need, there is no Iodine in sea salt, and our soils are devoid of Iodine.  About 80% of the population is deficient in Zinc.  Thus most people have allergies because they can’t make stomach acid.

Taking Antacids or drugs that stop acid production don’t solve the problem, they cover up the problem and further create the problem.  Without stomach acid you can’t absorb Zinc even if you take it.  There are over 350 Biochemical Reactions that rely on Zinc, including the production of neurochemical.  If you take drugs that shut down your stomach acid, you will become depressed because you can’t make Serotonin.

If you have allergies, your adrenals are tired and dysfunctional.  You are drawn to CATS(caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and sugar).  they give you temporary relief, but they place additional demands on your adrenals.

Find out what you are allergic too.  Avoid those foods for up to 6 months.  take Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin B1 to start making stomach acid.  While correcting those deficiencies, take Betaine with each meal.  This pill from the beet plant makes stomach acid so you won’t become allergic to the new set of foods while you are becoming able to make your own stomach acid in a normal way.

Bowen Therapy can help rebalance your body and flush your adrenals while you are helping your body to heal.

You can also check out the liquid supplement on my website for Iodine as liquids are more absorbable, this is called Limu Plus.

To your heal, I will discuss how to help your Adrenals in the next post, so stay tuned!