Acne Face Map and What it Reveals About Your Health

29 12 2014

Medicine, it’s believed that acne that flares up on different parts of your face represents health problems on different parts of your body. For example acne on your upper cheeks is a response to stress in your lungs or respiratory system. Smoking is but one of these causes (read on for more). Therefore a good indication of which organs need attention and care is to simply look
where your acne is.
Upper Forehead

Digestive System and Bladder
Drink plenty of water to flush, keep an eye on your diet, eliminate greasy foods and refined sugars. If you’re craving deep fried fatty foods, eat avocado or add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your dish. Make sure you consume plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Some of the best antioxidant rich foods or drinks include green tea, warm lemon water, and fresh berries. If your diet is not rich in naturally fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, or kefir, consider supplementing with a probiotic capsule daily. Most health food stores carry probiotic

Lower Forehead
Your heart is a massive organ that pumps blood through your entire body. It has a tough job and can become easily stressed due to poor diet, inactivity, and various mental and physical stresses. If you have pimples on your lower forehead make it a point to do regular cardiovascular exercises. Eating pomegranate and coconut oil will also keep your heart healthy and help clear this up.

When kidneys are not taken care of, you may find large, painful pimples on your ears that just won’t go away. Kidney troubles are often caused by not drinking enough water and eating too much sodium.

Some other kidney destroying habits include:
-frequently delaying the call of nature
-drinking too much coffee or alcohol
-mineral deficiencies such as magnesium
-eating too much animal protein
-sleep deprivation
-excessive refined sugar

This is as good of a time as any to point out that vendors such as Subway, who tout their products as being “healthy” have an excessive amount of sodium added to almost everything on the menu. The next time that you take a look at their nutrition claims with highlighted low-fat content, take a minute to focus on the sodium column. In addition Subway adds genetically modified soy to nearly all of their foods. If you want healthy kidneys it’s best to avoid fast food in general, even the “healthy” restaurants, drink more water, and eat more parsley which is an excellent detoxifier.

Eyes, orbital area and between the Eyebrows
Oiliness, redness, flakiness and pimples between the eyebrows can indicate that your liver may have been overworked and in dire need of a cleansing. Cut back on greasy foods loaded with vegetable, soy, and canola oil, alcohol and pasteurized dairy (or dairy altogether). Avoid eating late at night as well. If you’re craving a late snack take a spoonful of raw honey. This will let your liver rest while you’re sleeping. Eat more of these during the daytime to cleanse the liver (always choose organic root vegetables):
-green tea
-leafy green vegetables

-lemons and limes.

Upper Cheeks
Lungs and Respiratory System
Stresses to the lungs are likely to cause flare ups in the upper cheeks and even break your capillaries. Even if you’re not a smoker you may have noticed an upper cheek breakout due to:
-lung infections
-living in a polluted area.
The best thing to do is to avoid smoking and second hand smoke. Follow this link for 15 plants that can cleanse the lungs and boost respiratory health.

Lower Cheeks
Gum or Teeth Problems
Gum or teeth problems may contribute to acne in the lower cheek area. Be sure to avoid eating refined sugar and soft drinks. Oil pulling is a great habit to take up if you’re experiencing any type of gum or teeth problems. It’s also a good idea to eat plenty of fresh fiber rich fruits and vegetables to strengthen your teeth and gums from chewing honest natural foods.

Sides of the Chin
Hormones and Genitals

This especially affects women. Flare ups on the sides of the chin are a good indication of hormonal imbalance. This can be due to menstruation, birth control, or a diet high in soy. Sometimes, even emotional or physical stress can cause hormonal imbalances. Get plenty of sleep and make a habit of meditating or doing yoga to keep the mind focused and stress-free. Be sure to take lots of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3s. Follow this link for a list of foods rich in Omega-3s.

Some herbs that can help balance hormones include:
-holy basil
-red raspberry leaves
-milk thisle.

-Green tea is also a brilliant anti-androgen.

Center of the Chin
Small intestine and stomach
This is typically caused by a poor diet and food allergies. If your diet is adequate you simply may not be digesting the nutrients you put into it. We were always told that we are what we eat, which is true to an extent. More accurately however, we are what we can digest. If your gut is lacking probiotics and completely out of balance from not eating naturally fermented foods or taking probiotic capsules, it won’t matter how much good wholesome food you’re eating. The
nutrients will simply pass right through you. Refer to the upper forehead section to learn more about what to eat to get your gut working properly.

Additionally stress, lack of sleep, and dehydration can wreak havoc on your stomach and small intestine. Getting a good nights sleep, drinking plenty of water, and addressing your stress by making lifestyle changes and practicing yoga/meditation are great non-dietary ways to address your chin acne.


acne face


The Essence of Leadership

20 02 2012

The Essence of Leadership.

Being All you are meant to be, shining forth your light and Becoming the real you is key to creating a life of Purpose and Joy!!!

Utilize those special gifts within you that makes your heart sing to find fulfillment in life.

One life to live so make it great!!!

Listen to your heart!!

Blessings to each of you


Top Healing Foods For…

20 05 2011



Apples, wheat, cabbage, oily fish, olive oil, garlic, carrots, oats, beets, sweet potato, parsley, walnuts



Avocados, red meats, sunflower seeds, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, turkey, oily fish, bilberries, flax seeds, carrots, oysters, liver



Whole-wheat bread, whole grains, apples & pears, figs, prunes, tuna, ginger, soymilk, carrots, trout, bananas, apricots



Orange juice, sunflower seeds, salmon, mangoes, garlic, shellfish, brazil nuts, dairy products, herrings, avocados, peppers, fortified cereal



Cranberry juice, celery, garlic, live yogurt, oats, papaya, beets, whole-wheat bread, brown rice, poultry, oily fish, dandelion coffee



Oily fish, flax seeds, breakfast cereals, semi-skim milk, soy milk, sesame seeds, bananas, sweet potatoes, canned sardines, blueberries, soy yogurt, rye bread



Pork, sweet potatoes, berries, kale, soy milk, seaweeds, liver, oily fish, red meats, cheese, breakfast milk, sugar-free gum



Broccoli, garlic, sweet potatoes, red meats, whole-grain bread, oranges, sunflower seeds, rice, soybeans, turkey, onions, carrots



Milk, mackerel, berries, sea weeds, shellfish, oats, legumes, salmon, brazil nuts, pasta, apples, whole-grain bread



Turkey, oatmeal, skim milk, red meats, basil, sardines, lettuces, oranges, beets, sesame seeds, chamomile tea, whole-grain bread

To find a good natural supplement to Enhance your Health and Well Being and for a variety of other health Aids go to

Bowen Therapy is a Natural hands on Therapy for Health and Wholeness from the Inside Out check out


14 04 2011

Open your Heart, your Soul, your Mind

To a whole new world of Possibilities

To a whole new way of Being

Open you Emotions to the light of Day

To be released, revealed, restored

To a Greater Destiny

Open your Faith to a Greater Vision

To new Realities of Being

To a Spiritual Awakening

Open your Self to a whole new you

To be who you were meant to be

To freedom Within

Like you never Imagined before

Open to Feel, to See, to Hear, to Know…

Open to Relate, to Create, to Become…

ALL God created you to BE

ALL God made you to BE

ALL God wants you to BE

ALL God Has for you to BE…

Awaits for you,

In the Great Awakening Within

Break forth to the New you Today,

Soar on Wings of Freedom like never before

Thank YOU


NOVEMBER 10, 2010

A Good Leader Is…

28 02 2011

Being a Leader means Becoming who you want others to Be and Become that person.

Care deeply and share of yourself and listen with your heart.

Reach out and help those around you.

Learn and grow in all ways.

Be willing to say I was wrong I am sorry please forgive me.

Get to the heart of the matter.

Simple Truths – We Hope You Enjoyed the movie!.

God’s Pharmacy

12 03 2010

God’s Pharmacy

This is absolutely amazing – and makes perfect sense!

A friend sent this to me. It’s been said that God first separated the salt water from the fresh, made dry land, planted a garden, made animals and fish… all before making a human. He made and provided what we’d need before we were born. These are best & more powerful when eaten raw. We’re such slow learners…

God left us a great clue as to what foods help what part of our body!
God’s Pharmacy! Amazing!

A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye… and YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes.

A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopine and are indeed pure heart and blood food.

Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food.

A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know walnuts help develop more than three (3) dozen neuron-transmitters for brain function.

Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.

Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and many more look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium. If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These foods replenish the skeletal needs of the body.

Avocados, Eggplant and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female – they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats one avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers. And how profound is this? It takes exactly nine (9) months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods (modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them).

Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers of Sperm as well to overcome male sterility.

Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.

Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries

Oranges, Grapefruits, and other Citrus fruits look just like the mammary glands of the female and actually assist the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the breasts.

Onions look like the body’s cells. Today’s research shows onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes. A working companion,

Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free radicals from the body.