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14 01 2014

In September 2011, the patient’s family finds out about Bowen therapy and decides to try it, as a last resort, in weekly sessions, with the therapist Niculina Gheorghita. After the first sessions, remarkable results appeared; he started talking and swallowing in November and later on he was able to sit and take a few steps. In a few months after starting the Bowen therapy, the patient regained his sphincter control as well.

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Neurosurgeon amazed by Bowen Therapy | Bowen Training Australia BLOG.


Sherry: Bowen and Cranial Therapy

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Wholeness with Bowen

27 09 2010

Check out this video to learn what Bowen can do for you and find a Therapist near you.
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health and Wholeness from the Inside Out!
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Bowen Therapy Video

19 09 2010

Bowen Therapy Video, explaining What Bowen is, what it can help, who it can help, my testimony and contact information.
Health and Wholeness from the Inside Out

The Best Brilliant idea For Humanity

10 09 2010

Category Tags: Healing, Outreach Program, Women

Description of Idea: We are seeking collaborators and funding to offer an outreach program in India to empower women to reclaim their role as natural healers.

This tremendously cost effective treatment has done wonders as a First line chronic pain alleviation system, and we believe that put in the hands of socially and health minded individuals, this therapy would have far reaching positive consequences.

Our present goal is to help widowed women to reclaim their place in society while sharing with others this tremendous gift of healing.

Most women have not had sufficient opportunity to nourish the healer within and trust their willing hands and big heart. There is little more exciting and rewarding than to see people take back their power and trust in the bodys innate wisdom to heal without drugs, surgery or endless palliation.

We have a team of BowenFirst TM coaches willing to teach this First line chronic pain alleviation system, a gentle, safe, low-tech, and simple technique to people in areas of the world who can benefit their society.

If you are interested in helping people to reboot their body so that they can reboot their life and then reach out and help reboot the world vote for us.

Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND,DHANP, CBHT: I have 2 decades of experience with people who have suffered with pain and at this point I am more convinced than ever that given the right information the human body has the capacity to self heal. In fact, given the right understanding, people can take back ownership of their own healing.

This was my original motivation in studying law and getting my LLB. I wanted to be an advocate for informed choice in health. But I found that there is nothing more powerful than people as a group reclaiming their health. And thus, I went into health.

As a Naturopathic Physician, Specialist in Homeopathy and an advanced practitioner and coach of Bowen Therapy, I have experience in a wide range of therapies that promote healing.

My greatest inspiration however, is the work of Tom Bowen and by creating Bowen College in 2007, I have decided to continue his legacy. His legacy was one of humanitarianism and that of a healer.

Blessed with a conscious and heart centered group of coaches, we offer an excellent program for Bowen as well as creating local outreach programs to help caregivers (Bowen Care and Share) and people who cannot afford treatments.

What has been the most rewarding is to see the transformation of people who had given away their power to heal, take it back and get excited at just how little it takes for the body to make miraculous leaps forward without drugs, surgery or endless treatments.

Please go to this link below and vote to have this project funded to bring help to widows in India, Thank you

Bowen Relieves Pain

29 04 2010

Check out this video on Bowen Therapy and how it can help all forms of pain from chronic pain to acute pain and a wide range of conditions.
Once you’ve visited the link and listened to the video give me a call to book for your Bowen session today 403-347-0159 or go to to find a therapist near you.