Neurosurgeon amazed by Bowen Therapy | Bowen Training Australia BLOG

14 01 2014

In September 2011, the patient’s family finds out about Bowen therapy and decides to try it, as a last resort, in weekly sessions, with the therapist Niculina Gheorghita. After the first sessions, remarkable results appeared; he started talking and swallowing in November and later on he was able to sit and take a few steps. In a few months after starting the Bowen therapy, the patient regained his sphincter control as well.

To find out more go to this link:

Neurosurgeon amazed by Bowen Therapy | Bowen Training Australia BLOG.


Sherry: Bowen and Cranial Therapy

Health and Wholeness from the Inside Out!!



4 responses

22 01 2014

Hi- I have a couple questions about these therapies. Please email me when you can. Thanks.

6 02 2014

What kinds of questions do you have happy to answer if I can

22 06 2014

Would Bowen or Cranial Therapy help Pineal Gland enlargement?

28 06 2014

I think Cranial would help an enlarged Pineal Gland as it directly works on the cranium specifically more than Bowen, however both therapies help to align and bring balance to the body mentally,emotionally,and physically.

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