Spice Up Your Life!!

5 11 2011

Did you know that spices are not just great tasting to add to your food to spice things up???

They have health benefits for a variety of issues regarding your health!

Cinnamon lowers your insulin levels thereby helpful in reducing blood sugars and your waist line

Ginger helps with nausea as well as helping with morning sickness in pregnancy, has anti inflammatory properties, and helps with metabolism

Curry helps the heart, Brain, lowers cholesterol, helps you lose weight and as an anti inflammatory(best in a pill form for this especially arthritis)

Garlic is an anti Bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, as well as great for the immune system(in odorless gel cap form as well)

Rosemary helps lower blood pressure, an anti inflammatory, helps prevent cataracts

Oregano is an anti viral, anti fungal, anti candida, and boosts your immune system(can also get in oil form to fight off colds)

These are a few spices to liven up your foods, and your health and cost effective too.  Buy in fresh form to cook with or in pill form to get in higher doses.  Use about 1/2 teaspoon daily for adults, and half that for children.

To your Health and Well Being!!




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