The Golden Flower Of Life!!

22 11 2011

The Golden Flower Of Life

Look at the Image and Imagine It In Gold,

Now Place yourself Inside the Golden Flower Of Life

and It Will Help Protect You and Heal You!!


Heaven’s Grocery Store

17 11 2011

Heaven’s Grocery Store
As I walked down life’s highway, feeling weary and sore
I came upon a sign that said ‘Heaven’s Grocery Store’
When I drew a little closer, the doors opened wide
And before I knew it, I found myself inside

I saw a host of angels – they were standing everywhere
One handed me a basket and said “My child, shop with care
Everything you ever need is in this Grocery Store
And what you cannot carry, you can just come back for more”

First I got some Patience, then Love in the same row,
Further down the aisle, some Understanding and Inner Glow
I found a box of Wisdom, and Faith a bag or two
And Charity, of course, because that is needed too.

I couldn’t miss the Holy Spirit, which was all over the place
And then some Strength and Courage, to help me run this race
My basketful was growing, but there had to be some space
For that necessity of living, a large amount of Grace.

I then chose Salvation, for Salvation was for free.
I tried to get enough of it, for my friends and me.
Then I headed for the checkout, to settle up my bill
For I thought I’d got everything, to do the Master’s Will.

As I turned back up the aisle, I saw Prayer and put it in
For I knew that when I left here, that I’d soon need help again
Peace and Joy were plentiful, the last things on the shelf
Song and Praise were hanging near, and so I helped myself.

When I said to the Angel, “Tell me what I owe?”
He just smiled and said “Share them everywhere you go”
Again I asked, “Really now, how much do I owe?”
“My child” he said “God paid your bill a long long time ago”

What Are Your Emotions Telling YOU!!!

11 11 2011

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We are Emotional Beings and we were created to feel the gamut of emotions.

To stifle your emotions is like trying to prevent heat from rising, no matter how we try to stuff them, they will ultimately find a way to come out.

This may be in the form of physical conditions such as upset stomach, tension headaches, sore eyes or more serious conditions the more we ignore and stuff  our emotions.

Or we may use sarcasm, snide remarks, humor, laughter or tears to release our emotions.

Many end up with addictions as a way of coping with their emotions and stuff them that way.

They only way to be free and who we were created to be is to release and let go and to feel and embrace our emotions and allow ourselves to feel the gamut in a safe and effective way that sets us free and brings about true and lasting healing.

What we release is released and what we retain is retained it is that simple.

So next time you feel a tension headache or an upset tummy with no physical reason for, ask yourself what am I feeling and why and wait for the answer and work through what comes.

Our society is so used to the quick fix, the instant cure, that we have forgotten that not all things can be fixed or cured by a pill.

Our feelings are a gift and we are to embrace them and what we learn in and through them as well.

Forgetting does not work it only covers up the problem, just as treating the symptoms of a disease or ailment does not cure the root cause.

Look for the root cause work on removing that and you will enjoy a happier and much healthier life with freedom and peace.

Blessings as you work through the gift of emotions!!

Spice Up Your Life!!

5 11 2011

Did you know that spices are not just great tasting to add to your food to spice things up???

They have health benefits for a variety of issues regarding your health!

Cinnamon lowers your insulin levels thereby helpful in reducing blood sugars and your waist line

Ginger helps with nausea as well as helping with morning sickness in pregnancy, has anti inflammatory properties, and helps with metabolism

Curry helps the heart, Brain, lowers cholesterol, helps you lose weight and as an anti inflammatory(best in a pill form for this especially arthritis)

Garlic is an anti Bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, as well as great for the immune system(in odorless gel cap form as well)

Rosemary helps lower blood pressure, an anti inflammatory, helps prevent cataracts

Oregano is an anti viral, anti fungal, anti candida, and boosts your immune system(can also get in oil form to fight off colds)

These are a few spices to liven up your foods, and your health and cost effective too.  Buy in fresh form to cook with or in pill form to get in higher doses.  Use about 1/2 teaspoon daily for adults, and half that for children.

To your Health and Well Being!!

Horsing Around

4 11 2011

Horsing Around