Our Body Needs….

15 10 2011
Diagrammatic representation of Cell membrane

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We must provide the body with the raw materials to make new healthy cells

1.  Water:  The body is about 75% water.  It needs to be clean water that is alkaline.

2.  Fat:  every cell membrane in the body is made of two layers of fats called phospholipids.

3.  Proteins:  Every cell in the body contains “machinery” made up of proteins that do the work of the cell.

4.  Carbohydrates:  Needed primarily to provide vitamins and minerals.

5.  Vitamins:  To use the fats and proteins, cells need vitamins.

6.  minerals:  To use the fats and proteins,cells need minerals.  minerals are also used by the body as ON-OFF switches.

7.  Voltage:  Voltage is stored in the cell membrane of every cell to give cells the energy to work.

8.  Oxygen.

9.  Sunshine.

10. Gravity.

As you can see balance is KEY to Health and Wholeness from the Inside Out!!!





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29 10 2011
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8 04 2012
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