Autonomic Nervous System

5 10 2011

The Automatic Nervous System consists of two parts, the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Systems.

The Sympathetic System is known as the “Fight of Flight” System

The Parasympathetic System is known as the “Eat, Sleep, and Heal” System

An important thing to notice is that the Digestive System cannot work effectively while you are in Sympathetic-On

Humans often get stuck in Sympathetic-On.  While in this mode, the digestive system doesn’t function well, sleep is difficult, and healing cannot occur.

Bowen Therapy and NST(Neurostructural Intigration Technique) put your body into the Parasympathetic so your body can heal itself and you can get well.

Bowen & NST helps restore you to balance and health.




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14 10 2011
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Wonderful 1, many thanks for the tip

16 10 2011
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Love this post! I was thinking the exact same thing!! Leave a comment on my blog too if you get a chance, it has some similar information on it!

3 11 2011
Xenia Durnan

This was a interesting post to read, thank you for sharing it.

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