16 09 2011

It takes a lot of energy to Heal a Brain,

often Creating a log jam of Thoughts and Emotions.

Persistence and Perseverance are Key,

working through what you don’t Know until you do.

Creating in your Mind and Heart

what you want your Body to Do and Be.

Misfiring, Rewiring and Short Circuits too,

are all part of the Healing Process its true.

Guided and Directed to all that is you,

to find the You inside and bring it through.

Struggling to Understand What, Where, When, Why,

to Make the Change Come Forth.

When all is said and done at the end of the day,

yet another Chance to make sense and Convey,

to help your Brain and Body come what may.

Choosing to work through it All,

even when we Fall,

helps us Stand Tall.

Healing takes Work and Consistency,

Never Give Up, No Matter What you see,

working towards a Goal, Meeting it,

then Setting a new one.

Reach for the life you want and desire,

Choosing to Face All that Comes,

Changing and Growing All along the way.

written by Sherry Barrett




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