Neurostructural Integration Technique

14 09 2011

The Basic principles that govern the structure and application of NST are that the body is indeed a self regulating mechanism that has needs to be balanced in the structural, chemical, and mental arenas if it indeed is going to manifest a robust physiology and consequently deliver health.

Like Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Craniosacral work NST heavily subscribes to the integration of the sacrum, spinal column and cranium as a functional starting point for the resolution of almost all symptoms.

In other words, if the sacrum spinal column and cranium are balanced all systems belonging to out passing through these important structures will be free to function unimpeded.

NST is often describes as Soft Tissue Osteopathy or Neuromuscular Osteopathy with a Naturopathic supporting philosophy.

NST is applied to the neuromuscular system and in a way that is totally unique to NST.  Muscles move bones after all and generally not the other way around.

The significance of the central core being balanced before other [arts are attended to cannot be overstated, as it is indeed the central cor through which all other systems are obligated to pass!

Other sequences that then relate to particular symptoms are added to the base core sequences to ultimately build a session that is tailored for the person’s needs on the day.

A session is then completed via an investigation and where necessary balancing of the Pelvic and Temporomandibular Joint complexes.

the resultant responses are deeply self-regulatory in a multi-dimensional sense, evidenced by profound changes not only in the skeletal system, but in the muscular system, nervous system and endocrine system.

NST can be safely applied from babies to the elderly for a myraid of conditions and symptoms with lasting effects.





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