29 07 2011

Beautiful Creation

What a World of beauty All Around,

To Discover and Enjoy.


Magnificence and Majesty,

Spectacular and Symphonic,

Wonderous and Wonderful,

Colorful and creative.


From the valleys Below

To the Mountains Above.


From the Fish in the Streams,

To the birds in the Air.


From the Blossoming Trees,

To the Flowers in Bloom.


From the Beautiful Sunsets,

To the colorful Rainbows.


From the Sounds and the Sights,

To the Textures and Feelings.


Blessed Beyond Words to Enjoy

All God has Made

With ALL of My Senses

A Gift to Behold


By Sherry Barrett
July 29/11


Simple Truths – WALK THE TALK!

1 07 2011



Simple Truths – We Hope You Enjoyed the movie!.

One of the most important things we can do to Be and Become who we are menat to Be and Become is to be genuine and people of Integrity and to Walk our Talk out in ALL areas of our lives!!

People want to know the Real you and when we are people of Honesty and Truth we can change the world, our world for the better