The Alphabet of a Friend!!

5 06 2011

A Friend Accepts you as you are

 A Friend Accepts you as you are

A Friend Believes in you

A Friend Calls you just to say Hi

A Friend Doesn’t give up on you

A Friend Envisions the whole of you

A Friend Forgives your mistakes

A Friend Gives unconditionally

A Friend Helps you

A Friend Invites you over

A Friend Just likes to be with you

A Friend Keeps you close at heart

A Friend Loves you for who you are

A Friend Makes a difference in your life

A Friend Never judges you

A Friend Offers support

A Friend Picks you up when you’re down

A Friend Quiets your tears

A Friend Respects you

A friend Says nice things about you

A friend Tells you the truth when you need to hear it

A Friend Understands you

A Friend Values you

A Friend Walks beside you

A Friend Xplains things you don’t understand

A Friend Yells when you need to listen

A Friend Zaps you back to reality


I have learned t hat sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand!!!




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