31 05 2011

Lipase-to break down fats and lipids and balance fatty acids
Cellulase-break down fiber and eliminate residue from the small intestine ( body does not produce this
Amylase-to digest carbohydrates and reduce skin inflammations
Protease-for skin vitality and for detoxification and purification and to digest proteins

Lactase-breaks down milk sugar lactose

Sucrase and maltase- break down food sugars

Minimum doses:
Amylase 5500 DU
Lipase 145 LU
Protease 30,000 HUT
Lactase 36 LacU
Maltase 216 DP
Sucrase 80 IAU
Protease between meals 330,000-420,000 HUT to fortify and detoxify

The major role of enzymes is to keep the metabolism working at full throttle, including burning fats, feeding the cells, and releasing energy.  Every bodily function depends on enzymes.

4 Basic Body types:

1) Para Body Type (Type One) –parathyroid and thyroid gland

Lack of amylase enzymes

6 or more apply to you:

1. You gain weight evenly from the top of your head to your toes

2.  If overweight, your excess fat is in the stomach and waist area. Men have a spare tire, women hold weight in their buttocks.

3. Your shoulders and hips are the same width, and in proportion to each other

4. You crave sugar in the form of desserts, breads, pastas, fruits, and vegetables

5. You are drawn to chocolate and coffee

6. You are fatigued by mid day and sometimes get up tired

7. You suffer depression or mood swings

8. You often have cold hands or feet

9. If female, you have PMS

10. Your blood pressure is low

11. You have hypoglycemia

12. Allergies are common for you

2)  Body Type Two-Estro Body Type- gonadal system

Lacking Lipase

6 or more of these:

1. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips

2. In woman, the greater part of the weight is in the buttocks and upper thighs

3. In men, your excess weight is in the abdominal region

4. Your favorite foods are tasty, or strong-flavored. Spiced, creamed, salted, peppered, or smoked foods

5. You drink wine or another beverage with your meals

6. Your favorite desserts are rich, like ice cream or chocolate

7. You enjoy fried fish, chicken, onion rings, and French fries

8. You like Italian, Oriental, and Mexican cuisine

9. You suffer from indigestion

10. Gallbladder problems are common

11. Bothered by Kidney and Bladder infections

12. You have a tendency towards cysts or skin disorders

3)  Body Type Three-Supra Body Type-suprarenal or adrenal glands

Lack Protease enzymes

6 or more of these:

1. You carry your weight in y our tummy and upper torso, including the back

2. Your buttocks are flat and do not have any shape

3. Your legs are strong and firm at any shape

4. A meal is not complete for you without meat or some kind of protein

5. You salt your food without tasting it first

6. You gravitate to all proteins, lunch meats, sausage, fish, poultry, nuts, cheese, and eggs

7. You suffer from stiff joints or pain in your left shoulder

8. You must drink atleast one beverage with your meal

9. You have hypertension, or high blood pressure

10. You feel stressed, rather than fatigued

11. Constipation is a big problem for you.

12. Gas or flatulence is a way of life

4) Body Type Four-Neuro Body Type-endocrine system and the pituitary gland

Low in lipase, lactase, amylase

4 or more of these:

1. You do not feel that a meal I complete without dairy products

2. You are drawn to starchy foods and sweets

3. You enjoy dairy products but recognize a milk intolerance

4. You have the same body size as when you were a teen.  Your shape may be described as boyish wiry, or having baby fat, but it has remained the same into maturity

5. You matured later in life or are the youngest looking member in your family

6. You have an on-going bowel problem (constipation to diarrhea) including spastic colon

7. You have soft fat all over the body, not just held in one area





2 responses

1 06 2011
Tracey Keefer

Sherry, excellent post! Your info is clear and concise! Enzymes have changed my life as well as the life of my parents! My father contracted C-Def and was so very sick, enzymes were a major component to his recovery and thankfully the C-def is now dormant but he is still benefiting from the enzymes daily and is now able to eat foods he has not been able to eat in decades!

Keep up the great work and informative posts!

“Dream, Believe, Become…”
Tracey Keefer

1 06 2011

Thank you Tracey, i am sold on natural it gave me my life back and i am continuing to watch it get better and better and it started with a natural therapy which i then learned to help others and then natural products that have catapulted me to even higher levels of health, completely changing and defying the doctors, gotta love that, I am of the mind that if I am told I can’t I am out to show I can, part of who I am and what keeps me learning and growing all ways, always!!

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