20 02 2011


Protease, Lipase, Amylase helps Skin: Taken before each meal and Protease between meals
Acne-poor digestion of fats
Eczema-poor digestion of sugars
Psoriasis-poor digestion of proteins
pimples and black heads-toxicity
Lyplomus-rancid fats
Cellulite-toxins trapped in fats
Wrinkled skin loss of skin elasticity-overall poor digestion

PLUS almost all skin hives and rashes respond favorably to enzyme therapy!!

Alcoholic beverages, sugar, and caffeine destroy enzymes and leave the body’s supply of them bankrupt

Shortage of protease is especially noticeable in the skin- the dermis feeds primarily on protein

Protease clears up free radical damage

Plus this will make you look younger and healthier an added bonus for all!

Foods for the Skin:
Rich in Plant Protein:
brown rice, buckwheat, bulgur, kasha, millet, nuts, seeds, soy beans, wheat germ
Raw fruits and vegetables are good for the skin

Lipase-to break down fats and lipids
Cellulase-break down fiber and eliminate residue from the small intestine
Amylase-to digest carbohydrates and reduce skin inflammations
Protease-for skin vitality and for detoxification and purification

Minimum doses:
Amylase 5500 DU
Lipase 145 LU
Protease 30,000 HUT
Lactase 36 LacU
Maltase 216 DP
Sucrase 80 IAU
Protease between meals 330,000-420,000 HUT to fortify and detoxify

PLUS Enzymes help a wide range of other conditions and Diseases creating a more balanced system that works much more effectively.




4 responses

20 02 2011
DL Turner

Wow. Very good information Sherry! Our daughter has challenges with eczema on a regular basis. No one has ever stated that it could be as a result of her inability to digest sugars! I am going to have my wife look into the products you’ve highlighted here in this post. Thank so much for sharing and I am really glad we’re connected. Thanks to NetworkedBlogs!! Cheers.

20 02 2011

Hi used to have Eczema and hives in extreme, diet and stress are huge factors learning to cope in effective ways and changing my diet worked for me. Wishing you much success. i started enzymes through Vitamark the company i am part of and already see a difference in so many other ways as well. Much blessings to you and yours

22 02 2011

Arbonne has a great digestive enzyme supplement. 100% vegan, animal and gluten free.

22 02 2011

The company I am with Vitamark has enzymes as well that are natural and safe

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