Trials can be a Stepping Stone or a Stumbling Block

22 01 2011

We all face challenges in life in every area of our lives, many of us walk the path of least resistance thinking that will make life easier and simpler for us not realizing that the path of least resistance does not bring about change and growth to create a challenge to Do and Become better.

Walking and pressing through life’s challenges takes courage and faith and determination to see it through to a better tomorrow and the light that always comes at the other end if we hold on in the night.

What we focus on when times are tough does make a difference to how you get through but more importantly it changes you as you go through and creates in you a stronger more courageous person who will face the next challenge with fortitude and more strength within than before.

Each challenge is an opportunity to work on yourself, face your fears, and create a better tomorrow with the knowledge and skills you learn through the trial and challenge.

So embrace your trials and challenges as a gift and you will find blessings and lessons within each one that will help you Be and Become a better person with strength and faith and hope for a better tomorrow and an inner change that will come forth to all around you.

I am learning and growing through my challenges and Trials and part of that process is being thankful in the midst of them, taking the opportunities you see in them, and working on the areas you are shown to create a better you.

Blessings to each one who is struggling in some area today, may you find the inner strength to press through and embrace all you can in the moment to become better for the journey.


Healthy Naturally

12 01 2011

All of us want to be as healthy as possible and enjoy all life has to offer for us in all areas of our lives.
Part of enjoying life is taking care of the vessel we live in, which is our body.
Giving our body what it needs to be fueled for energy and vitality is essential to our health and well being.
Simple things everyone can do to live a more healthy life are:

Eat healthy raw foods often-fruits and vegetables which gives you your fiber as well
Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
Exercise-even walking has major health benefits for you
Eat a well balanced diet-all four food groups
Get sunshine for your Vitamin D intake-take a D3 supplement in winter
Avoid too much alcohol, smoking, drugs
Get plenty of sleep to re-balance your body and help you feel rested and energized
Do something creative and fun to bring joy and happiness to your life
Spend time with those you love
Be thankful and count your blessings

Doing these simple things will enhance your health and you will be happier too!

To your health and happiness!!

Course in Miracles

4 01 2011

This is just simply a post to encourage each and every One to reach higher to what you were meant to be in Him