My Christmas Wish

18 12 2010

May Christmas bring you happiness.
A song to fill your heart
With all the blessings large and small
The season doth impart.

May laughter ring to make you gay
With hope and faith sincere:
May Christmas be a blessed time
You spend with those most dear.

May Christmas hold a quietness
With lights so soft and low,
While stars in heaven shining down
Put diamonds on the snow.

A very special happy time
With little ones about…
Your mind aglow with pleasant dreams
And not a fear or doubt.

May Christmas lend a special charm
To all you chance to do,
And may the season light your way
to hopes and dreams anew…

With angels singing in your heart
A prayer you dare to say…
And every moment peaceful bliss
Throughout your holiday.

May Christmas bring you peace on earth
To ever live and last…
A faith instilled within your heart
When Christmas Day is past.

This friendly greeting holds a prayer…
It’s filled with warmth and cheer
To bring a “Merry Christmas” Day
And then a glad New Year.

Author unknown




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