What Can Bowen Do

31 08 2010

Rid the body of energy robbing pain, tension, anxiety, and stress

Provide immediate and long lasting relief from acute, chronic, or re-occuring head, muscle, and joint aches, discomfort and pain

Clear out symptoms and begin to address root causes

Help put the body “at rest” to take the body naturally from protect, fight, flight, or survival mode and begin to put it into its healing mode

Assist in healing the body in efforts to prevent surgery-in cases where surgery can be prevented

Assist the brain and body to receive the message to “heal itself”

Turn on the “circuit breakers” in the body that have been turned off

Set the body up to begin detoxification processes

What truly makes Bowen stand out from and above all other approaches in helping or healing the body, is that each session has its unique way of compounding and building upon the previous session or sessions.

Want to experience Bowen for Yourself Call 403-347-0159 to Book in Red Deer Today

Health and Wholeness from the Inside Out!





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