Bowen? Never heard of it.

31 08 2010

Well, neither has 99.9999% of the world

Bowen: A very advanced, gentle and revolutionary healing system for the body and mind that bridges the gap between Western and alternative medicines. It is a brilliantly simple approach which produces consistent, reproducible, and highly-satisfying results that commonly eliminate tension, pain, and repeatedly resolves troublesome health issues while realigning the body and mind, and restoring optimal health.

It unmistakably and naturally promotes rapid physiological, mental, emotional, and energetic modifications in the body which are necessary for optimal health. It causes fine tuning to occur throughout the entire body, prompting it to reestablish wholistic balance in every system and organ down to the cellular level. It removes unneeded re-occurring cycles and patterns in the body. It produces maximum predictable results with minimum intervention.

It unlocks and releases a core primal survival receptor, re-educating the body and mind to function at its most efficient and vibrant “at ease” state. Bowen is a gentle and non-invasive alternative approach to optimal health that can be used on anyone, from infants to the elderly.

Many physicians and healthcare professionals around the world are becoming convinced in the profound effectiveness of Bowen in addressing difficult pain and difficult health-related issues.




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8 01 2011
belinda cunningham

I had heard of Bowen Therapy about 15 years ago when I visited a Homeopath who did some Bowen on me. I didn’t understand what it was but knew it was done on horses. I didn’t pay much attention to it. About 5 years ago I sort out a Bowen therapist to help some lower back pain. Needless to say I was so taken by the technique that I studied it and am now a Bowen Practitioner. My goal is to educate the general public about this fantastic technique so the statistics of 99.99999% of the world not hearing of it reduces. Keep up what you are doing as well and we will lower the %.

8 01 2011

Thanks for the comment and your story Belinda, I too am working to get the word out about bowen , I wish you much success. so happy to connect with another fellow Bowen Therapist as well. bless you

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