Because of the Unique way Bowen addresses the body:

31 08 2010

-Vertebral misalignments commonly right themselves-yet there is no manipulation of the spine as in chiropractic

-Muscle tension and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow is restored-yet muscles are not squeezed as in massage

-Meridians show immediate improvement-yet the work is not based on energy meridians as in many chinese therapies

-It opens energy flow like acupuncture-yet it uses no needles

-It changes energy flows in the body like acupressure-yet the pressure is very light,subtle, and gentle

-Fascia rehydrates, adhesions release, and scar tissue softens-yet there is no heavy pressure as in Rolfing, Shiatsu or other deep tissue therapies

-The body commonly becomes limp and very relaxed, as in Trager therapy or yoga-yet there is no rocking, shaking, or continual body stretching or moving

-The mind commonly goes into a very deep state of rest and relaxation, as in meditation-though no meditative techniques or suggestions are offered(the altered state experienced by most people during Bowen is often quite different and much deeper than meditation or hypnotherapy)

-Internal phychological shifts are common-yet it is not necessary to evoke emotional releases or responses as in mind-body therapies

-Nearly everyone reports a pleasant, relaxed state, and deep sense of well-being, ease, and a sense of peacefulness and calming after just one or two sessions

-Many have lost weight naturally, though this is not a weight loss program

-ADD/ADHD in children and adults commonly lessen to a greater degree or is eliminated altogether

-Stress and tension is commonly eliminated-therefore, stress, and tension has no more need to be managed

-Insomnia is gone after a few sessions, in most cases

-Depression commonly diminishes

-Anger regularly dissolves

In nearly every case, Bowen begins where most other treatments or therapies stop or have failed altogether.




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