Bowen? Never heard of it.

31 08 2010

Well, neither has 99.9999% of the world

Bowen: A very advanced, gentle and revolutionary healing system for the body and mind that bridges the gap between Western and alternative medicines. It is a brilliantly simple approach which produces consistent, reproducible, and highly-satisfying results that commonly eliminate tension, pain, and repeatedly resolves troublesome health issues while realigning the body and mind, and restoring optimal health.

It unmistakably and naturally promotes rapid physiological, mental, emotional, and energetic modifications in the body which are necessary for optimal health. It causes fine tuning to occur throughout the entire body, prompting it to reestablish wholistic balance in every system and organ down to the cellular level. It removes unneeded re-occurring cycles and patterns in the body. It produces maximum predictable results with minimum intervention.

It unlocks and releases a core primal survival receptor, re-educating the body and mind to function at its most efficient and vibrant “at ease” state. Bowen is a gentle and non-invasive alternative approach to optimal health that can be used on anyone, from infants to the elderly.

Many physicians and healthcare professionals around the world are becoming convinced in the profound effectiveness of Bowen in addressing difficult pain and difficult health-related issues.


What Can Bowen Do

31 08 2010

Rid the body of energy robbing pain, tension, anxiety, and stress

Provide immediate and long lasting relief from acute, chronic, or re-occuring head, muscle, and joint aches, discomfort and pain

Clear out symptoms and begin to address root causes

Help put the body “at rest” to take the body naturally from protect, fight, flight, or survival mode and begin to put it into its healing mode

Assist in healing the body in efforts to prevent surgery-in cases where surgery can be prevented

Assist the brain and body to receive the message to “heal itself”

Turn on the “circuit breakers” in the body that have been turned off

Set the body up to begin detoxification processes

What truly makes Bowen stand out from and above all other approaches in helping or healing the body, is that each session has its unique way of compounding and building upon the previous session or sessions.

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Health and Wholeness from the Inside Out!


Because of the Unique way Bowen addresses the body:

31 08 2010

-Vertebral misalignments commonly right themselves-yet there is no manipulation of the spine as in chiropractic

-Muscle tension and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow is restored-yet muscles are not squeezed as in massage

-Meridians show immediate improvement-yet the work is not based on energy meridians as in many chinese therapies

-It opens energy flow like acupuncture-yet it uses no needles

-It changes energy flows in the body like acupressure-yet the pressure is very light,subtle, and gentle

-Fascia rehydrates, adhesions release, and scar tissue softens-yet there is no heavy pressure as in Rolfing, Shiatsu or other deep tissue therapies

-The body commonly becomes limp and very relaxed, as in Trager therapy or yoga-yet there is no rocking, shaking, or continual body stretching or moving

-The mind commonly goes into a very deep state of rest and relaxation, as in meditation-though no meditative techniques or suggestions are offered(the altered state experienced by most people during Bowen is often quite different and much deeper than meditation or hypnotherapy)

-Internal phychological shifts are common-yet it is not necessary to evoke emotional releases or responses as in mind-body therapies

-Nearly everyone reports a pleasant, relaxed state, and deep sense of well-being, ease, and a sense of peacefulness and calming after just one or two sessions

-Many have lost weight naturally, though this is not a weight loss program

-ADD/ADHD in children and adults commonly lessen to a greater degree or is eliminated altogether

-Stress and tension is commonly eliminated-therefore, stress, and tension has no more need to be managed

-Insomnia is gone after a few sessions, in most cases

-Depression commonly diminishes

-Anger regularly dissolves

In nearly every case, Bowen begins where most other treatments or therapies stop or have failed altogether.

100/0 Principle | 100/0 Principle

24 08 2010

100/0 Principle | 100/0 Principle.

Finish Strong | Finish Strong

2 08 2010


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