Bowen “Why does it work”

23 06 2010

Bowen “Why does it work”

Physiologically: three points for consideration when unraveling the mystery that surrounds Tom Bowen’s amazing discovery that unlocked the code of the body.
The first is: Golgi Tendon Organs: these are proprioceptive recepotors which can be found at the junction of a tendon with a muscle. Their role is to help protect tendons and their associated muscles from damage resulting from excessive tension. Each Golgi tendon organ capsule is penetrated by sensory neurons and when tension is applied to the tendon, they are stimulated, relaying the information to the central nervous system. This is then processed and a motor response is elicited.
Secondly: sensory fibers that terminate in the lower brain stem bring about a far more complex response than the simple spiral reflexes generated from stimulation of sensory fibers terminating in the spinal cord
Thirdly: muscle spindles are delicate proprioceptive receptors in the skeletal muscle fibers. They are enclosed in a connective tissue capsule that is filled with lymph . They also contain sensory fibers which when stretched are stimulated and impulses are sent to the spinal cord at great velocity once again eliciting a motor response.

Bowen moves certainly affect the Golgi tendon organ reflexes and muscle spindles which helps reprogramme tension levels in the body.




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