Bowen-Gentle enough for Babies and the Elderly

20 03 2010

Bowen is effective for babies to help with colic, sleep trouble, spitting up, breathing difficulties like asthma, and calms the baby down.

I worked with one baby who spit up every time she ate and Bowen stopped the spitting up.

Another little one I worked with helped him sleep.

All protocols we do on adults can be done on baby too.

Bowen is safe for the elderly because there are no vigorous manipulations.

I worked with one elderly gentleman who was in a wheelchair who had had a stroke and a heart attack.  Especially helpful for his breathing and range of motion.

I worked with an elderly lady with degenerative hip and even the surgeon she saw was encouraged and told her to continue.  Her increased range of motion and reduced pain level astounded the surgeons.

To be able to help  babies and the elderly is very rewarding, knowing there is help encourages them.

We all want quality of life regardless of our age and condition.




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