My Bowen Testimony

18 03 2010

My Story:

I was born with medical challenges that got progressively worse over time and further complicated due to repeated traumas and injuries and two major brain injuries.   I have seen many specialists, tried many medications, and many therapies with little results until now.

Since having Bowen Therapy I now have a quality of life the medical profession never expected me to have.   They said I would be bed ridden.

Before Bowen I used a walker (8yrs), wore multiple braces on my joints (10yrs), fell often and dislocated daily.  I had chronic anemia(since birth), insomnia, couldn’t sleep flat and be able to breath, memory trouble, numbness and tingling, spasms, fatigue, asthma, Sjogren’s, DJD, carpul tunnel, stomach trouble, bowel trouble, osteopenia, osteoarthritis, ,neurological issues, hyper mobile lax joints(since birth), chronic pain, and a host of other labels which never got to the root of the problem. Compounding the issues by adding more and more medications that added more issues as well.

Since having Bowen I no longer wear braces or use a walker.  My legs don’t give out on me anymore and I rarely fall or dislocate my joints.  My iron is under control, my body accepts iron (never did before), and my cycle is regular and more normal (hemorrhaged before).  I sleep every night (without medication) and I can now sleep flat.  My memory has improved so much I’m doing and learning new things all the time. The numbness and tingling has improved greatly and I have more energy.  My immune system is stronger as I get sick less often.  I no longer use inhalers. I no longer need carpul tunnel braces. My stomach is improving and my bowels are regular. It turns out my broken tailbone was blocking my bowel.  I am off ALL medications for pain as the pain has reduced and only take natural magnesium.  The neurological issues are helped with the Bowen as are the spasms and jerking which rarely happen now.  My body is no longer always fighting itself.

Due to a broken collarbone that healed wrong and a surgery to fix it that further complicated things, Bowen is the only therapy I have found that helps my body relax and helps it align in a safe way allowing it to release and to heal.  The results are more than the therapists who worked on me expected and my doctors are amazed.  I am so grateful to have mobility and quality of life and I believe in Bowen so much that I have learned the Therapy myself.  I have been working with A.I.S.H. to try and get Bowen covered I believe everyone should have the right to safe effective options for their health and well being.  Bowen helped me mentally, emotionally and physically and gave me my life back.

Sincerely;  SB




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